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Cycling fanatic in USA needs Eurosport subscription sponsor

Asking for help….as most professional cycling fans know, GCN+ was abruptly discontinued at the end of last season. To most in the UK/Europe, this was a non-event as far as pro racing coverage, but in the USA it is simply catastrophic. We unable to sign up for Discovery+/Eurosport without a UK billing address for the CC payment, which I obviously don’t have, nor do I have a friend in the UK to help me out.

So, I need a friend in the UK to help me out!

Deal: you sign into my Discovery+ account and use your CC to subscribe me on the 7.99£/month plan which includes all cycling events. I reimburse you more than double that amount in a single payment covering all 12/months ($240 US) via Paypal/Venmo/whatever works for you. In the end I get to VPN into Eurosport coverage for the races, and you make a little extra money while helping a fellow cycling fanatic. This is not some kind of scam, it is pure desperation. I won’t be able to use your CC  for anything, all you have to do is not cancel my subscription after I pay you, so the risk is on me.

Please help!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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texbiker | 3 days ago
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Look at getting a Wise card. This link will give you more information.

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