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a 30th birthday anniversary ride for Critical Mass London

Hey there. All are welcome at this - even road bike dorks in full skinsuits, teardrop helmets, undetached TT bars and a few vials of EPO in the carbon fibre saddle bag. Cavendish wannabe sprinters would be particularly welcome to help with the corking between one large junction and the next.

The greatest hits of CM London are in the archives, including the Law Lords judgement in 2005 when the Met lost in their efforts to shut the ride down; and the mass arrests in 2012 during the Olympics build up.

Hopefully see some of you there!

HOLD TIGHT... it's a 30th Birthday Party Ride for Critical Mass London!

It's all taking place on


12pm : meet at Southbank
1pm : Ride
3pm : After Party (bring a lock)

1994 saw jungle music move from the underground into mainstream consciousness, the hated Criminal Justice Act was passed at the end of the year, and the Tories were clinging on to power after a disastrous 14 years in government, hollowing out public services and destroying the social fabric of the country. And Critical Mass London had its genesis on the 15th of April 1994, as the CHARM ride, occupying space around dangerous roundabouts in central London. It then morphed into the Critical Mass ride, mirroring the "last Friday of the month" occurrence from cities in the US.

It has been through thick and thin, had its highs and lows, been subject to harassment and surveillance, mass arrests and prosecutions, and legal attempts to shut it down. But still it endures, every month without fail, an unbroken line for three decades. It celebrates the diversity of cycling in this city, to temporarily re-occupy our city streets which have been near monopolised by hyper-capitalist car fetishism. It is a living, breathing example of an anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical event that has seen so many other movements and organisations come and go.

And what better way to celebrate THIRTY YEARS of this than a huge coming together of all participants, past and present, young and old, all genders, all colours.

Let's celebrate this milestone! This birthday meetup will allow us to ride, laugh and dance together, to reminisce about the past, and think about the future.

If you have friends who used to come, please let them know! If you know other riders who've never been before, invite them! If you are still connected to networks from the past, please spread the word! If you have any ideas that you think will make this party even better, then just do it!

For more information as it comes out, including posters and flyers for you to download and distribute, please follow
on Instagram

Would you like to design a poster or flyer, or create a promo image or video? All designs are welcome!
Please email them to [at]

Q: Why not have it on Monday 15th (the exact 30 year anniversary), or Friday 26th April? Many riders have left the city over the years, or find it difficult to come out at night with caring responsibilities, or just with age! People from other CMs across the UK have also indicated their interest to visit. A Sunday afternoon ride allows more people to travel to London, and makes meeting up far easier. It also facilitates us all staying together for a party afterwards! But if you want to organise another birthday party ride, on either or both of those other evenings, please do!

More information will follow over the coming weeks!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Bezzard74 | 5 days ago

Can't bloody wait!

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