Like this site? Help us to make it better. is largely funded by its advertising revenue, and we draw in adverts from a number of different sources. While most of the ads are legitimate, some can be intrusive, or annoying: autoplaying videos, ads that affect the page layout or scroll you back to the ad when you move away. We work with our ad suppliers to weed these ads out, and if you see them, you can help.

Get a screen grab

First, get a screen grab of the ad. In many instances that’s enough to identify it. Most 3rd party ads will also have a unique code (see below) which will help us to pinpoint and block the ad.

  • Right-click or control-click on the ad. You should get a menu, within which there will be an ‘inspect’ option. This will bring up a window with page source. In Safari you'll need to enable the developer menu to do this, which you can do from Preferences.
  • Inspect the page as In the page source window, do a search for the string data-amp-imp - it may find more than one, but if you scroll through them you'll see the naughty ad highlighted when you roll over one of them.
  • copy the ad impression ID. The code will say something like data-ad-imp="j842jld50i9i96". In this example the ad impression ID is j842jld50i9i96

Once you’ve got the ad screenshot, and the ad code if you can just fill in the form below. Thanks!

Report an annoying or intrusive ad

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Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
The value of data-amp-imp is the most useful thing to provide as it allows us to pinpoint the exact ad impression and who bought it
Can you give us any other information about the ad? This is especially useful if you can't provide a screengrab or code. What it was promoting, where it redirected you, etc.